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Welcome to Precision Missing Persons Investigations

Experience - Specialization - Dedication

Although important, we’re not going to quote statistics on how many people go missing every minute of every day in the U.S. The only statistic that is of real importance is 70% of missing persons are returned home within 48 to 72 hours of their disappearance. We’re here for the other 30%

Your missing loved one may be a child, a teenager, an adult or a senior citizen. They might have run away, forgot to call home, wandered off, were abducted or disappeared;  Precision Missing Persons Investigations is dedicated to, and only specializes in missing persons investigations. This specialization is mandatory in order to produce consistent results. We also will only accept one (1) major case at a time. This exclusivity is paramount in order to conduct a truly comprehensive, detailed investigation. We are one of the only true specialists in the missing persons field thus affording you the best chance of locating your loved one.  On occasion and under certain circumstances, we’ve been able to positively locate missing individuals right from our office.
The total and absolute commitment to your missing loved one provides you, our client, with the peace of mind that everything possible is being done to locate them.
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Resources and Tips!

When a loved one goes missing you're panic stricken and most likely in the midst of the most stressful event of your life. Although it's easier said than done,  the most important thing is to remain calm. In this section we've listed a step by step guide as well as links to helpful resources in order to give you the best chance of recovering your missing loved one as soon as possible.

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Why Hasn't My Loved One Been Found Yet?

You've done everything you were instructed to do: You contacted the police, filled out a missing persons report, posted "missing" posters, alerted the media, joined usernet groups and forums, checked all available databases, yet your loved one still has not been located.

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Why Choose Us?

Missing persons cases are among the most difficult case types to solve. It takes the training and experience of seasoned police investigators to afford you the very best chance of locating your loved one. It’s simply impossible to learn the skills and acquire the necessary experience from a classroom environment. The two lead investigators at Precision Missing Persons Investigations offer you a combined 60 years of police and investigative experience. Don’t settle for anything less!

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