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 Other agencies and investigators offer a wide array of services along with offering missing person’s investigations as well. Precision only accepts one (1) major case at a time and specializes only in missing persons cases thus affording you the best chance of recovering your loved one.

Would you go to your family's general practitioner  if you needed open heart surgery or would you seek out a heart specialist? Would it be acceptable to you, if while lying on the operating table, your doctor ran to other patients and began operating on them at the same time? Quite simply, your missing loved one cannot be located by part-time investigators who don’t specialize in this complex area of practice. Also, success will be sporadic at best if they are not concentrating on your case, and only your case! Effectiveness requires intricate techniques and tools that can only be developed through vast experience, training and dedication. It also requires a sixth sense that can only be honed from years of investigative experience. In addition to investigative experience and specialization the thing that sets us apart from the rest of the world of private investigations is the fact that we will only accept one (1) major case at a time.

Below are just a few tools and resources that helped us solve some of our more complex cases.

•  A combined 60 years police and investigative experience. 

• Being Certified DNA Intake Technicians,

•    Age Progression Technology

•    Email Tracing

•    Computer Analysis

•    Cell Phone Analysis

•    GPS Technology

•    Facebook & Social Networking Investigations

•     Trailing And Tracking Dogs

•    Being Police Certified In Questioning and Interrogation

•    Being Police Certified in Statement And Body Language Analysis

•    Access To The Most Powerful, Comprehensive Databases.

•    Our Most Powerful Resource: Having A Network Of Reliable Associates Across The Country.


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