The sad fact is that Police Departments across the country are short staffed and have staggering caseloads. If they receive a missing persons report, they will work the case for as long as possible. If progress is not made within a reasonable period of time, the case will be put on a shelf in the hopes that one day useful information surfaces. This is no fault of the Police Department or the investigator assigned to your case. The assigned police investigator wants nothing more than find your loved one. It’s simply a matter of your case hitting a brick wall while other cases just as urgent as yours are piling up. Many times if a person disappears and they are an adult, of sound mind and there’s no sign of foul play, there is no police investigation at all! Unfortunately this scenario doesn’t qualify as a police matter. The missing individual is regarded as an adult and free to come and go as they wish and there's not much anyone can do about it. Now you have an option!


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