The two lead investigators that will personally manage your case possess over 60 years combined investigative experience. They have been involved in some of the highest, most complex levels of intelligence and investigative work with extensive experience in missing persons and cold case situations. It's this comprehensive experience and expertise that is the cornerstone of their staggering rate of case resolution.  Both are NYPD veterans and have spent their entire careers in high crime precincts within NYC and surrounding areas. They combine their years of experience utilizing not only proven investigative strategies, but the most up to date technology, techniques and creative adaptability in order to solve the most complex and challenging cold and missing persons cases.

Upon their retirements from active police duty, both investigators felt culpable at not being able to address each and every case with 100% dedication due to enormous department caseloads.
It’s for this reason that they’ve devoted themselves and specialize in what they feel is the most tragic of all case types.

Both Lead Investigators Are Police Certified DNA Intake Technicians, Police Certified Interview And Interrogation Specialist, Police Certified In Statement And Body Language Analysis and They are Granted Access To The Nation’s Most Powerful And Comprehensive Databases.   

Although the above mentioned only scratches the surface of their resources and experience. Their ability to fully comprehend your situation and quickly develop a strategy in order to bring your case to a resolution is what truly sets them apart.


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